Art in the Gobal World Notes

Getting to Grips Book, Feb 2009

Networking Book 2006

Know all Book, Dublin, October  2006

Nomenclature Book, London , April 2007

Cop on Book, Dublin Feb 2009

Notes for a Bit of Money Please Book , May 2013

How To Book






Containing Hoarding

Some 1990's  notebook covers from the archiving of my notebooks.

RED, New York 1994,

Black Mood , New York 1995,

Project 2000, 21st, Century, New York 1997

Star,  January 1993

Hats, Millinery Dublin 1999

Animal Vegetable, Mineral New York, 1997

Notebook, November 1993

Miscellaneous , New York 1997

Blue Lizard , New York 1996


WENDY JUDGE hoarding

Fairly Blank Mind, Dublin, Feb  2015

Documentry Display , Jan ,Dublin 2015

Keepsakes,  Dublin, July 2011

The Clash Writings, Dublin and Stockpiling, March 2015

Closely Associated with Book, Dublin, April,  2014

Etching Compounds, Dublin November, 2006

Concrete, Dublin June 2006

To Be Continued, Dublin, Sept 2014

A Particular Kind of Contrary, Dublin Feb 2012

TATE TO GO, Dublin, March 2010